New Beginnings

Hello! Thanks for checking out my website!

Making a website can become very tedious. As a perfectionist, I plan to add many details to my website so it can reflect my beliefs and opinions. I’m feeling very excited about making this website. I can’t wait to create posts discussing several events in the media because I have many opinions. The process has been very smooth. The interface of the website is very straightforward. 

My goal is to create a website that reflects my values and beliefs when it comes to the media. So far, I haven’t made too many changes to the theme and colors because I want to become more familiar with the website. I plan to use neutral colors with a smooth layout for easy access. I want to create an interface like Tumblr where all the posts are easy to see and the layout is straightforward. I would also like to add tabs on the top of the website for people to access different pages very easily. I want the website to very easy to use and organized to attract many people to click on it.

I have not encountered any problems so far. If I need any help, I will make sure to reach out. 

Thank you!

Best, Nestor Lomeli


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